Marine Survey Process

All hull inspections Pre-purchase - Insurance - loan - damage, second opinions. Our company was chosen of all Marine Surveyors on the West Coast to represent a bank for an 'in-water' Marine Survey of 'The Delta King', a 300 foot paddle-wheel vessel built of steel in Scotland in 1938; approximate value of 40 million dollars.


We here at Bluewater are happy to share sample reports, credentials, resumes and the like as we are proud of this company and our work.

We inspect all hull materials, which includes research and inspection of many of the vessels systems. Example: a clamp-meter is used to check for ground faults.

We also do load inspections, sea-trials, consulting, and equipping for ocean passages.



When getting your boat surveyed

Hull inspections especially for delamination and corrosion. Inspection with moisture meter of stringers and frames.

Checking for stray current and many other factors including USCG Codes and ABYC Standards.